Me and Ziggy the Platypus just having a good day together :)


"rolling papers" by nicole kuykendall


my first 420. doing it right <3


Meri smoking through Candice, our pipe :) Via

my friend destiny first time using gasmask@420

Some of the essentials. Not all, but some. And a good shot of Froggy too :D.

Just gonna celebrate this green like it’s Earth Day…

smokin all over the world (Flores, Guatemala)

Prom night (;


time to bong?

(via erinzatrekka-deactivated2011053)

I don’t feel like i’m fallin’ cuz i’m so high.

Le baked.

Bake Bake Bake <3 

k8t.  —->


me on 420 (:

My 420 stash.<3